Undergraduate Senior Thesis 



Over the past four years I have only been at home in Seattle for approximately four months out of twelve each year. The distance and lack of time spent at home has changed how connected I am to that place; home feels less and less like home each year. Westminster and McDaniel has never felt like home either. I have friends here and I enjoy myself here but it is still just where I go to school. Traveling back a forth across the country between Washington and Maryland has made me feel nomadic and disconnected from familiar places.


Most of my body of work deals with my travels across the country every year. These yearly migrations are repetitive and monotonous which is why a lot of my work is done in series and placed in grids. My work is done in black and white so as to keep the content of the images simple; the opposite of my life. My work is meant to document or map my life over the past four years. Through my work I am trying to make connections and bridge the gap between my two homes.


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